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Information & FAQ


Ready for ballet? Here are some informative tips in advance:

Can I sign up for the trial lesson?

Yes, we encourage this! To schedule a trial lesson, see the contact form at the bottom of this page or call 089 69 375 275. The best time to call is during weekdays at lunchtime starting on September 11th.

How much is a trial lesson?

Five Euros.

What will my child need for the trial lesson?

Leggings, T-shirt, socks, and Turnschläppchen (Turn slippers / Gymnastic slippers) if available. Please do not buy anything extra.

What ballet equipment do we need? Where do we find it?

So, dear parents, as I said, please do not buy the ballet gear until after the trial lesson. Also, there is no need to spend on well-known fashion labels for "Pseudo-Ballet or Tutus", etc.

Our school has uniformed training clothing, available at:

Ballet Store Gielow, Max-Weber-Platz 2 in the inner courtyard

Store Hours: Tue to Fri 2 - 7 pm | Sat. 10am - 2pm

The selection of our ballet outfit is based on years of experience:

Leotard & Skirt: In general, all courses have a leotard with spaghetti straps and a matching skirt. Of course, our “minis” ( dance students 3 to 5 years old) start with the color pink. All higher courses have individual colors on request.

Tights: The minis wear white ballet tights with foot. All other students have salmon-colored ballet tights with foot (better on stage, so you do not need new tights at a performance :)

Slippers: Mini Ballet wear white leather slippers, from approx. Shoe size 32-34. Slippers with split soles in salmon.

Extras: For cooler weather, a ballet wrap jacket for the minis in white or pink, and for older students in white or black. Also a ballet bag for carrying dance gear.

A "MUST" in each ballet bag is at least a hair tie or hair clips and a hair brush.

The most important for your child’s official start are professional Ballet Slippers (the rest can be purchased little by little.)

Hair: For ballet training, the hairs should be pulled back at least in a pony tail but ideally in a bun if possible. (There are also bun nets, which are fixed with hairpins if that helps). If the hair is too short, then mini-pigtails or hair clips, so that the student can concentrate better and so to keep the hair out of the face while dancing.

You are encouraged to send your children neatly dressed for ballet. This is not an unnecessary vanity! It is beneficial to practicing ballet. We are working in front of the mirror when training, and ballet is an art driven in many ways by aesthetics and grace. The students are learning to control their physique and it should be encouraging to look in the mirror (without being narcissistic! ;) We are very happy to help any parent prepare their child’s appearance for the lesson!

Can I order the ballet items online?

Even though there is this possibility, we would not recommend it.

Ballet brands have individual sizes that vary greatly according to age, brand, etc. Ballet leotards and slippers should fit from the beginning, otherwise it's no fun for the student. Please do not buy "on increment," as leotards stretch and leather slippers widen over time.

Fortunately, we have our iconic Gielow Ballet Shop at Max Weber Platz 2, which has been around for over 40 years, and we are thankful that it's still there. A visit to the ballet shop is the dream of many girls, and that moment should be seen as an experience to be cherished between the child and the mother, father, grandmother… or whoever shares that moment with her. It also assures you that the dance items fit properly, thus saving you from the unending “return & exchange” cycle many online shoppers find themselves in. Furthermore, the brand name leotards and shoes offered in this shop are characterized by quality, durability and a good, advantageous fit. It is advisable to take your time when shopping to ensure a good fit without stress (especially on Saturdays, as there is often a lot of business at Gielow).

Attention: For most ballet slippers the rubber pads have to be sewn on (adapted to the foot of your child). So prioritizing the ballet slippers is recommended since it is not always a speedy process! ;)


As a mother, am I allowed to go to the ballet room and watch the first hour?

This is always an attractive idea for the parents, but unfortunately it makes no sense! From experience we know that this does not help the kids. On the contrary, it makes it all the more difficult to focus and feel independence ... besides, if we allow one mother, the other students ask, why is can’t their mom be with them too, and suddenly we have as many mothers as children in the ballet room. Nobody can work like that. If a parent wants to be nearby, they are welcome to sit in the waiting room in case they are missed by the child, which is usually not the case. You are welcome to join in at other opportunities, e.g. at performances, Christmas, etc.


When should my child begin ballet?

There is no hard rule about when your child should start, as this differs from child to child. Generally, we start at the age of about 4 years, exceptions start already at the age of three (depending on their social skills, attention, etc.), others a little later, as the case may be. It is possible to start or join us at any age from 3 to 18 years old.


Which course is right for my child?

There are “mini-courses” for kindergarten children, these last for 45 minutes. Schoolchildren then switch to courses of 6 to 8 years, then 8 to 10 years, etc., which last for 60 minutes. You can see in the current course program at the top of this page. If children join later, we find a compromise between level and age, which we decide individually.


How long do you do ballet?

Many of our students started at the age of 3 or 4 and stay in ballet until they finish school until about 17 to 18 years. There is no reason to cancel the ballet lesson because of time constraints due to enrollment or transfer to high school. As proven by studies, physical activity is beneficial at least once a week, in addition to school sports, encouraging the links of synapses in the brain, positive for the cognitive development of the child. In particular, the promotion of physical coordination demonstrably supports mathematical abilities and memory. So one hour of ballet training a week is an ideal addition to the school.


How long do I bind myself when I make a contract?

They are only binding for three months, the contract can be terminated with six weeks' notice at the end of each quarter.


What is the schedule during the holidays?

The lessons take place during school hours during the legal school holidays. On public holidays, no lessons take place.


What does Ballet / Hip Hop cost?

One hour per week costs 43 euros per month, two hours per week 69 euros per month. The monthly fee is calculated on the year and thus payable at the beginning of each month by direct debit.


Is there a price reduction for multiple siblings?

Two children one hour per week cost 69 euros, further sibling discounts on request.


Is there a discount if I do yoga as a parent?

One children's lesson per week and one hour of yoga for adults per week are available at a special rate of €75 per month (instead of €92).


Ballet or hip hop for my child?

Ballet is the foundation of all dances. We generally recommend ballet dancing in any case. Hip hop is offered from about 6/7 years on, with hip hop being the ideal complement to classical ballet and for dance-loving kids, the combo has proven to be very effective.


Is ballet anatomically healthy?

For all parents who are not so familiar with ballet personally, here are a few basic information:

First and foremost we pay attention to anatomically sound ballet lessons. Our successful training method, based on years of experience, studies, learning psychology knowledge and anatomical foundations, teaches students the classical ballet in a healthy way for a good body. For us ballet is a general "driver's license" for the own body, which every child can learn independently of anatomical predestination. Ballet as basic training does not necessarily have to lead to the professional ballerina on stage. We give the kids a mix of discipline and motivation, effort and joy. Our ballet school is an open place for every child, which is promoted according to their abilities. For extreme professional training to stage maturity, we are happy to give appropriate recommendations at the right time. Until then, we support your children in a moderate but not-too-casual framework. We attach great importance to flexibility, each within the framework of individual requirements. So we practice every hour balancing act in addition to other stretching exercises. Even for other sports, it has been proven that stretched muscles are up to 30% more efficient than unstretched muscles. The focus of our school is to achieve the maximum success of a weekly training, without pressure with a lot of friends at the ballet. In our school, not only the physical conditions play a role, but also social factors, behavior in a group, consideration, understanding, in addition to spatial sensation, sense of rhythm, musicality, memory, expression, grace and finally creativity in the form of own choreography. Of course, the discipline with stretched legs and feet, an upright posture, graceful movement, in the form of a classic exercise at the ballet barre always at the beginning of each hour.


My son likes to dance, what do you offer?

In our boys’ classes, dance-loving boys will find the opportunity to learn a mix of acrobatics, hip-hop and breakdance with a lot of fun.


Are there performances?

Approximately once a year, a performance takes place at the GOP Variety Theater in Maximilianstrasse. In our studio performance all kids of our dance school are allowed to participate. Please contact us directly at Cuatro-C for tickets.


For further questions we are happy to answer starting on September 11th. Email us using the form below or call us at: 089 69 375 275

We look forward to a new successful school year!


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